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WWII evacuees

Haddenham Village Society hosted a meeting in the Library on Wednesday 8th February 2023, entitled: "Haddenham as a Place of Refuge".

Alan Rose, Alison Watt and Tatiana Baranchuk spoke about Haddenham in relation to three groups in need:

* WW2 Evacuees
* The Syrian Family
* Homes for Ukraine.

If you would like to view the video recording of the meeting, it is available on Dropbox.

You may need to have a Dropbox account to view this, but it's simple and free to register.

Here's the link

Timelines on the video are as follows:

00:00 — 24:00 Alan Rose
24:00 — 36:00 Alison Watt
36:00 — 1:14:50 Tatiana Baranchuk (with folk song by Nonna Smolentseva at 1:09:50)

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