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The Aims of the Haddenham Village Society are:

  • To reflect the culture of the village, drawing from the traditions and ambiance of the past, evolving to encompass the aims and living styles of the present, to preserve the quality of life and provide a heritage for the future
  • To emphasise that Haddenham is an agreeable location in which to live, with a strong sense of community both in fabric and in spirit
  • To champion the visual appeal of the village, whilst recognising the need for appropriate development of housing , businesses, shops, services roads and other amenities within the village
  • To be a point of contact for new arrivals and to existing residents

The Haddenham Village Society hosts a range of events, ranging from public meetings offering presentations of interest to local residents, to escorted field path walks, themed concerts and fundraising dinners.

Members of HVS receive regular emails detailing each of these events. They are also covered in detail on the community website, Haddenham.net.

To download a Membership Form, click on one of the files beneath the image

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