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Dr Keith Milmer
Haddenham HP17 8AA
Tel: 290244


Executive Committee:

Brian Bowman
Hall House, 14 Church End
Haddenham HP17 8AE
Tel: 290346
Email: president@villagesociety.org

Vice Chairman
Jim Robins
12 Pilots Place
Haddenham HP17 8NW
Tel: 291815
Email: vicechair@villagesociety.org

Hon. Treasurer
Mike Cottrell
3 Waggoners Court
HP17 8RW
Tel: 290875
Email: treasurer@villagesociety.org


Membership Secretary
Juanita Hughes
98a Churchway
Haddenham HP17 8DT
Tel: 292215
Email: hvsmembership@gmail.com

Elected Members of the Committee:

Richard Hirst
Emmanuel Cottage
16 Townsend Green,
Haddenham HP17 8JW
Tel: 291117
Email: richard@villagesociety.org

Prof Sir Roderick Floud
Duck Bottom,
15 Flint Street,
HP17 8AL

Tel: 291086
Email: roderick@villagesociety.org

Alison Watt
21 Waterslade Pens,
Haddenham HP17 8HP
Tel: 292544
Email: alison@villagesociety.org

To download a membership form, click on the PDF at the top of this page.

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